Here's what students are saying about JL lessons:

"I’m a lead vocalist who was looking to add mandolin to my performances and I reached out to Justin. He has a passion for music that is contagious.  Just one lesson with him has drastically improved my knowledge and skill on the mandolin. He is encouraging and keeps a positive learning environment even when a skill seems challenging at first.  The way he teaches makes it easy to focus and soak in all the info. I highly recommend him whether you are completely new to music or you want to add an instrument!"  

-Melonie Brannon

"Justin’s lessons are a great investment of time and money!  Before I met Justin, I paid to attend a bluegrass camp for mandolin.  They tried to cram a bunch of information in my head that I was not ready for. Shortly after, I took lessons with Justin.  He listened to me play.  We targeted the things I needed to work on and how to go about it.  He is very good at explaining and demonstrating music techniques and when and why we use them.  I learned more in shortly over and hour with Justin than I did at the entire week of bluegrass camp." 

- Jacob Everson

"I’ve been trying to learn the guitar for most of my adult life.  I’ve tried several instructors along with online lessons on multiple occasions in the past with less than satisfactory success.  I have a background of working with bands (touring sound engineer) and hiring professional musicians (night club owner), so I know where I’d like to get to, with lessons, but haven’t been able to achieve it. I started taking acoustic guitar lessons from Justin just over a year ago now, and and have found the results I’ve been looking for.  Justin has uncanny ability to observe and evaluate my playing and immediately layout  an actionable course to address problem areas and accelerate my musical growth. His insight not only helps me immediately but even enhances my understanding of online lessons or lessons with other instructors. I’d highly recommend him for any level of instruction."  

-Mike Carron

I had played guitar for many years, and felt competent with my skills as a "rhythm" player, but wanted to get better at soloing. Justin was attentive to what I wanted to accomplish, and crafted a program that built upon my existing skills and knowledge. He is a great musician, but an even better teacher, who creates a positive and safe space for learning and trying new things.

-Al Kogler

Justin is a talented music teacher. He can recognize a student's ability and start the lessons at their personal level. He has a great attitude and an easy going personality that makes learning fun. He is a professional musician, and that allows him to teach real fundamentals that make sense. Justin plays and sings with his students which is such a wonderful way to learn. He has really opened my eyes to the possibility of becoming a much better and more confident musician. New levels!

-Whit Stansberry

I have been a musician for over 15 years and play several different instruments but I have never been able to learn guitar before, that is until I started learning from Justin. I have tried to learn guitar and music theory several times from several people and sources but it just never clicked. I was skeptical at first that Justin could teach me as well as he told me he could, but sure enough after several lessons with Justin I learned more about playing guitar and music theory than I have learned in all my time as a musician. He teaches by doing and in an easy to understand way. I highly recommend taking lessons from Justin if learning guitar or music theory is your goal. He is a truly excellent teacher.

-Grant Taylor