Rent PA Systems with Audio Technician Services

“Professional sound for indoor or outdoor events.”

If it involves a microphone, a speaker, or music, we can take care of it!

Quotes available with rates that are customized for your event size and needs.

You want to hire us if you need Professional Audio for your:

  • Festival - Live Bands, Announcements, Pre-Recorded Playlists Between Acts

  • Wedding - Ceremony Music/Vows, Rehearsal Dinner Toasts, Reception DJ, and MC Services

  • Party - Your songs at the volume level you want... the energy, fun, and look you want.

  • Corporate Event - Clear, clean, sound for your presentations and speakers.

Rental Equipment List:

2 12in Powered Speakers - Alto Truesonic Professional @ 800w each

2 15in Powered Speakers - Alto Truesonic Professional @ 800w each

2 12in Powered Subs - Alto Truesonic Professional @2000w each

1 Mixer - Behringer XAIR18 18 Channel Digital Mixing Board

2 Battery Powered PA Speakers - JBL EON One Compact

Condenser Mic - Ear Trumpet Labs Josephine

Vocal Mics - SM58 and Beta58

Instrument Mics - SM-57 and Audix i5

Cables - XLR, Instrument, and Edison

Lighting - Flood, LED PAR, and Accent