Meet the Instructor

"I am a grown man who never forgot how to play. My purpose in life is to help people see that their potential exceeds their experience or beliefs. Sharing music lessons is a potent way for me to do that." -Justin Leflar

My Philosophy -

      • I am not a music teacher who gives you a method book or drills and then scolds you each time you make a mistake.

      • I am not YouTube videos that demonstrate something and then expect you to figure out how to do it.

      • I am able to find where you are at in your progression as a musician and help you develop the skills that you want to learn.

      • I am able to show you the things that you don’t know you don’t know.

My Experience -

      • Performing artists with several bands including

        • Sunny Downpour - Folky Americana (

        • Tater, Mater, & Squarsh - Bluegrass (

      • 12 years teaching music lessons

      • 2 years teaching online music lessons

      • 10 years teaching in public schools (Award winning science teacher)

My Adjectives - When you take lessons from me you will be exploring music with a musician who is:

        • Fun

        • Curious

        • Experienced

        • Patient

        • Professional

        • Creative

        • Encouraging

        • Kind

        • Focused on you