Acroyoga Teacher Profile

Justin prides himself on his highly-technical, physics-based Acroyoga practice. He has a trusted reputation for being able to help people feel safe and he shares skills in ways that let people grow quickly. He helped build a supportive community of practice in his hometown of Fayetteville Arkansas and made lifelong friends. He trained under (and below) some of the biggest names in Acro, including Josh Young, Lux, and Lizzy Tomber. He travels to share and practice Acro with communities across the U.S. including Maui, Denver, Palm Beach, St. Louis, D.C. and internationally in Canada, Mexico, and the Virgin Islands.

Justin offers both private lessons and workshops.

Justin loves helping people learn to do things that they did not believe were possible, and prides himself on spotting technique and keeping everyone around him safe. This focus includes both physical and emotional safety as he practices touch-based-acrobatics with an acute awareness of consent-before-touch and check-ins to make sure everyone is feeling good and having fun. His Acroyoga practice has helped him improve his strength, flexibility, focus, communication skills, and self-awareness. Justin is a former 6th grade Science teacher and in his in his free time he mountain bikes, plays soccer, and performs music with the band Tater, Mater, & Squarsh.