Music Lessons

JL Lessons

Your potential exceeds your experience.

Learn to think like a musician.

Learn to express yourself creatively.

Learn to play well with others.

Music lessons are like cooking classes… but with less burns. A decent cooking class teaches a recipe for a single dish. Good classes teach skills that chefs use. Excellent classes teach how to think like a culinary artist. My music lessons are different from YouTube demonstrations of songs (copying), or skill sequences from method books (mimicry). In my lessons you won’t be scolded for playing wrong notes (discouraged). In my lessons, through creative play, we discover what you don’t know you don’t know and explore the beautiful patterns that underlie musicians’ art together. Yes, you will get pointers on technique, and yes, you will learn songs, but on top of that, we will expand your ability to create seemingly magical patterns of sounds by exploring and playing with the mental habits of musicianship.

Free consultation to try instruments and/or discuss musical interests.

Online Lessons Available using Zoom, Google Meet, Facetime, & Facebook Messenger

Justin will:

  • Create a fun, engaging opportunity to fall in love with learning about music

  • Identify current abilities, potential, and next-skills

  • Coach positive mental habits based on a “growth mindset”

  • Encourage development of excellent technique with instruments

  • Spark curiosity about music and answer questions

  • Expose student to exceptional musicians

  • Demonstrate how to think like a musician

  • Demonstrate effective independent practice habits

  • Collaborate in documenting learning progress

  • Encourage and support student if frustrated with challenging material

  • Provide opportunities to explore musical creativity