Lesson Types

Which of these lesson types fits you the best?

New Instrument - Learn basic good technique so that you don’t have to unlearn bad habits. Get access to my library of excellent resources to help you learn so that you don’t have to filter the web to find them. Get direction on good practice habits that will give you the most growth possible with the time that you invest.

Dormant instrument - Reinvigorate your interest in playing an instrument by getting fun instruction that will lift you beyond whatever reason you put it down.

Worn out instrument - Feel like you have plateaued and need a break-through on your instrument so that you will feel renewed joy and want to play it every day again? Learn what you don’t know you don’t know that will jump you to that next level of musicianship

Campfire instrument - Do you play well by yourself and want to figure out how to really play well with others either leading songs or side-manning for other musicians? Learn the magic and feel the joy of having musical conversations with your instrument.

Creative instrument - Is your creative side itching to be scratched? Learn how to use instruments to express yourself creatively. Compose melodies, lyrics, and songs with the help of an experienced songwriter and recording artist. Go home with good draft recordings of your inspired work.

Professional instrument - You’re great at playing your instrument, you play with others regularly, and you want to know how to improve your sound individually and with the musicians you play with. Learn the skills of an audio technician on digital and analogue boards from a sound guy who plays with a variety of types of bands.

Intuitive instrument - You are curious how those musicians can just sit down and play a song using their memory and imagination without looking it up. Learn how to use music theory to help you improvise melodic and counter-melodic solos and fills as well as play any song you can hum.

Break-out instrument - You want to start performing in public. You want to get some experience playing on a professional PA system first. You want feedback and advice from a professional musician first. Learn what it takes to connect with your audience and feel confident about your next performance.

Vocal instrument - You carry your instrument (voice) everywhere you go. You want to get some coaching to help you sing from your heart with ease and confidence. Learn the nuances of great vocal skills and gain experience singing in a safe, growth-focused setting.