Services Offered

Personalized Music Lessons-

  • Learn to think like a musician to help you play well with others.

  • Learn to improvise and be creative, not just play other people’s music.

  • Learn to play a variety of instruments of your choosing (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, Etc.).

  • Specialize on the instrument you like most.

  • Add vocal coaching.

Special Services

In-Home Lessons- Luxury professional lessons from a professional musician in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Justin will come to you for your convenience (mileage rates and travel time costs apply). He brings teaching tools and all necessary audio equipment.

Jam Party- Thinking about inviting your musician friends over to jam? Stack the deck by hiring a professional musician to lead it. Justin will bring the perfect audio equipment for your space and jam size. He will make sure that your jam party is a success and is fun for everyone, without you having to worry about it.

Jam Class- Come and enjoy practicing leading songs and playing well with others. One hour, available only one evening a month, limited seats available, $25/person, 4-8 participants, skill level matched.

  • Beginner (no audition required) - I can play a few songs from start to finish. I want to practice playing along with others.

  • Intermediate (no audition required) - I can select songs from my extensive song list that will be fun for a jam and lead them in a way that gives space for others to collaborate musically with me. I want to expand my repertoire and my skills playing with others.

  • Advanced (audition required) - I can feel the music and play it with you leading or following. I want to explore dynamics, communicating musically, and elaborating on musical themes that we generate together while improvising creatively with other musicians.

Band Coaching- Improve with your full band on a professional stage, with professional sound, with experience booking, creating band websites, promoting, making merchandise, etc.

Opportunities to Perform- Perform with Justin at:

  • Open Mics

  • Gigs we book together

  • As a guest performer at his band's shows

  • As an opening act for his band